DemandTheHAM Staff Preview Help

"DemandTheHAM" is Built by Nick!

Image of audio Player, real one is above 🙂

By Default, The Audio Player is Set to a 24/7 Live Stream of Ham Radio Show Content if nothing is selected, Just use the play button and start the live stream. (Once an Episode is selected , the livestream is unloaded from the player system so the selected audio can be played in the player. You wont be able to access the livestream again without refreashing the page, application will have livestream accessible anytime at launch

*If you select an episode while listening to livestream or another episode, click pause and click it again. audio player needs to update to that selection. It a web browser security thing, blocks auto playing by default.

Casting to Other Devices isn’t functional yet,  Working on the player that will show up on Google Cast and Other Devices and Services! 

until its ready ,, you will get a pop up message in your browser when you click the cast button. 

The Entire Ham Radio Show Catalog Up to July 19th 2023 is available , All the way back to GOOM Radio!

  • You can search for the episode,  using the search box next to the menu, enter the terms and click search!  it will display the results , you click play button and the audio will be loaded the audio player. click the audio player play/pause button (twice if audio is playing), Episode will play!
  • You can also click the title of the episode card of any episode and it will take you can episode page, with the play button on that page. Audio is loaded into the audio player
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